A Little Gaming Nostalgia

The Sega Mega Drive ultimate collection arrived in the post today.


I was looking forward to replaying some classic games from my youth and finally getting to play some that young 90’s Jack never got the chance to play.


I started with Ecco the dolphin. After ten minutes of being stuck on the first screens I youtubed what to do. And what to do made no sense. But I did it. So moments later I progressed to the next screen and very quickly it seemed that it hadn’t been worth the effort of using my fingers to youtube it.

Maybe I’ll try Sonic 3. I’d played it, but as I’d never owned it I didn’t recall it as well as the other games in the series. So on it went. There is only one button, ‘jump’. I should be able to do this. Now it may be age, or it may be the non-90’s 40 inch tv, but Sonic moves a little faster than my eyes can follow, meaning that the game consists primarily of fast moving backgrounds designed, I believe, only to induce illness. Time for Streets of Rage 3, cause I loved Streets of Rage 2. (I had tried to play this on my phone, but as my thumb took up most of the screen I had decided against playing any other retro games this way).  It started well, then level 2. A mixture of pulsing music and flashing images that I was barely able to watch, as I played I could feel my brain melting. I imagined the game being used as an implement of torture.

PS3 off.

Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on eBay six hours after the postman dropped it through the letter box.

Screw nostalgia, roll on MGS 5.


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