The news of Twin Peak’s return is damn fine. So it seemed like a good time to re-watch the show. Although when I say re-watch, that’s not quite what I mean.

I think Twin Peaks is one of the greatest TV shows ever made. Or at least, the first 17 episodes are. Because I have never watched past them. The show would be pretty much perfect if it ended there. But it doesn’t and I am afraid to keep watching. I know Lynch returns by the end, but I’ve always been worried by the 8 or 9 Lynch-less episodes following the solving of Laura Palmer’s murder.

But now I think I’ll finally bite the bullet. The show is probably both darker and funnier than I remember and even if some of the final 13 episodes are not up to the standards of what came before, those first 17 will still remain some of the finest TV ever made.

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