I’ve never read much of the Flash and wasn’t bothered about the TV show. I have also not watched any of Arrow, primarily due to the assumption that it would be Smallville-like. But a few days ago, I was told that Arrow is actually good, more an attempt to capture the appeal of Nolan’s Batman films on the small screen than Smallville’s meteor-powered villain-of-the-week mixed with soap opera style drama.

So yesterday, with some time to kill, I thought I’d give the first episode of the Flash a shot. And I liked it. It was a lot of fun. It enjoyed itself, something few superhero shows and movies do these days.

Then I watched episode two. Then episode three. And finally episode four, the last one available here at present. It’s been a while since I binge-watched anything to this extent. I’d have kept going if I could have.

It has its flaws, primarily the monster-of-the-week villains, but even by episode four this problem was being confronted, with Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold being the most interesting to date and also the first to have a back story more complex than ‘I’m angry and I have been struck by magic lightning so now I’m angry with superpowers’.

Also, even though I have never seen an episode of Arrow, episode four featured a prominent Arrow cast member guest-starring and it was a lot of fun and made sense – things weren’t slowed down by back stories and unnecessary references to past episodes and plots. I really enjoyed Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity. Hopefully she’ll be back.

So, yup, the show’s a lot of fun, which surprised me but I’d suggest checking it out, it’s a really rather enjoyable 45 minutes.

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