MY WEEK IN TV 27/04/2015



Another busy episode of the Flash. Villain-of-the-week is a shapeshifter, which leads to lots of amusing shenanigans where we learn both Barry and Kaitlin are just a little dumb… There is a shapeshifter on the loose and your friend is acting weird or they are somewhere they’re couldn’t possibly be and you don’t put two and two together?

Meanwhile, Joe and Cisco go to Star City and mingle with some of the supporting cast of Arrow (and don’t give away too many spoilers for folks like me, who are playing catch-up) and solve the 15-year-old Harrison Wells mystery in about two minutes with a piece of super Cisco technology and a little time-travel magic.

Finally the gang stumble upon Wells’ secret Reverse Flash lair because he does not have a lock…

A little sillier than normal, or at least not as well thought out, but still an incredibly fun episode.




Rather topnotch episode that cuts out most of the subplots to focus on Gordon and his fight against corruption in the GCPD. The problem here is that Gordon makes a deal with the devil and starts to move towards the dark side… Here, Bullock is the voice of reason, warning Gordon about crossing the line.

Highlights include Gordon and Dent working together, something I’d like to see again, and Penguin having something to do for the first time in a while. I’ve not always agreed with some others that he’s the best thing in the show, but here he was great: sleazy, scheming, sinister, and downright evil – especially when having an old married couple fight to the death.


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