The last week or so has seen the return of both The Flash and Gotham to my TV.


The last two episodes of The Flash formed a two-parter of sorts, giving us Firestorm, a story which has been hinted and teased since the beginning of the show. Elsewhere in the episodes, the mystery regarding the murder of Barry’s mum was advanced and Barry went on a date with a woman far more interesting and likeable than Iris. (Which may have been why Iris tried to sabotage it and in the process developed into a rather unlikeable character.) All this also reminded me that Eddie hasn’t done much recently – he’s a good character and I hope they have something more interesting planned for him in the future. Talking of the future, we get a bit more of Wells as Reverse-flash too.

All-in-all, ‘The Nuclear Man’ and ‘Fallout’ continue The Flash’s winning streak.


While The Flash found its feet straight away it’s taken Gotham a while to find itself, but it’s good to see that after doing so before its mid-season break, it returns here with two pretty strong episodes.


‘Rogues Gallery’ finds Gordon in Arkham Asylum after his demotion last episode. While mysterious going-ons go on in the asylum, the highlights of this episode are Gordon (he’s finally got a bit more personality) and his relationships. Firstly, now that he and Harvey are friends, rather than reluctant co-workers the interplay between them is great to watch. Secondly, the introduction of Morena Baccarin as Gordon’s new love interest gives us a likeable character and a relationship with chemistry – two things missing from Gordon’s relationship with Barbara. The episode was shown here back-to-back with ‘What the little bird told him’ which sees Gordon reinstated in the GCPD in order to catch the electrocutioner who escaped Arkham last episode. This episode also sees noticeable developments for Fish and Falcone as the former makes a move to replace the latter at the top of the city’s crime family only to fail.

So two good episodes which really moved the overall storyline along quite a bit. They were so enjoyable, in fact, that I didn’t really notice the lack of Bruce and Alfred, so maybe the show will work fine without kid Batman. In fact the only downside to the episodes is that Gordon gets his job back so quickly; it may have been fun to spend more time in Arkham.


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