I’ve been watching Gotham since it started. It’s been good, but far from perfect, but I have stuck with it, unlike, say, Agents of Shield, where I got three episodes in.

Not that I was planning on giving up on the show, but episode six, ‘Spirit of the Goat’, was a vast improvement over previous episodes. And it appeared to be down to two factors:

1. More of Donal Logue’s Harvey Bullock. He’s often one of the best things in the show, but putting him front and centre showed he can easily lead an episode and that he’s better than almost everyone around him.


2. The thing though, that helped this episode stand out from the rest, was that, while Harvey had an increased role, Jada Pinkett Smith’s terrible panto villain Fish Mooney had a reduced role. In fact, she didn’t appear, and that was a good thing. A really good thing. I can’t help but feel that Fish Mooney is a character from a cheesier, hammier show, who occasionally wanders onto the set of Gotham, overdoing everything to a ridiculous extent, doing more damage than the so far rather dull Jim Gordon.

I hear that things have continued to improve and I hope that it’s down, in a small part, to the producers doing more with Harvey and far, far less with Fish.


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