image I quite enjoyed the first 30 or 40 minutes of this film, but then Ultron turned up. Don’t get me wrong, Ultron was cool and James Spader was really rather good, but after his initial appearance, the film turned into a series of loosely tied-together fight scenes in new and exotic locations…

Maybe I’m getting old, but the team just hanging out and partying was the best thing here. Ultimately though, we can’t have these fellows hanging around chit-chatting (unfortunately) so off they go to fight – Black Widow in her Tron suit (why would a spy/assassin have a glowing suit?) Tony Stark’s, previously charming, douche is now just a douche. Thor’s there to, but not that you’d really notice, as he spends most of his time taking a bath and talking about magic stones. I’m sure it’ll make sense 3 or 4 films from now. The Vision turns up two minutes from the end, a mixture of science and Thor magic that isn’t really explained. Hawkeye gets to be more than a henchman this time, which is nice for him.

At least Captain America is fun but, as with the last film, the best thing is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, especially his time spent with Scarlet Johansson’s (glow in the dark) Black Widow.

It was fun but, by the end, I was growing a little tired of the endless robots getting punched (didn’t really learn from the end of the last film, did they?). The new, smaller team line-up which previewed in the closing scenes has promise, but to be honest I’m more interested in the solo Avengers films at the moment, something a little smaller and quieter. Though not that much smaller and quieter, I imagine.


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