Year One, approximately pt. 3

I’d planned on highlighting a few other issues of Legends of the Dark Knight that I am fond of, but first I’ll look at Batgirl Year One as it arrived just in the post.


I don’t know much about Batgirl, but I do know that Marcos Martin, artist on this book, is amazing so hence my purchase. His art here is as fantastic as always, a nice retro style that can be cartoony and fun one moment or dark and powerful the next if required. I may have picked up the book for the art, but I stuck around for everything else. The story is fun and fast paced and as well as featuring the incredibly likeable Barbara/Batgirl as it’s lead, it has appearances from Batman, Alfred and Robin. Robin is a character I am not always a huge fan of but he’s a lot of fun here and I am now for  the first time tempted to pick up Robin Year One (which features most of the same creative team). It also does good things with two b-list Bat-villains; it turns Firefly into a properly psychotic character and it walks a fine line with Killer Moth, highlighting the ridiculous aspects of the character (and most other costumed characters while it’s at it I suppose) while also showing how this man could become a dangerous threat.

A really fun read, even if it does seem that Barbara goes (admittedly accidentally) from pretty regular woman to costumed hero pretty quickly.

Reading this reminded me just how good Marcos Martin’s lovely art is, so now I think I’ll head over to and catch up up on The Private Eye.


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