Wytches #1


Wytches issue one by Scott Snyder and Jock arrived in the post this morning. I have a bad habit of sitting on single issues for months until I have the complete arc (why not wait and buy the trades you ask? I wonder this as well sometimes), but I read this pretty much straight away. Snyder and Jock worked together previously on Snyder’s first Batman storyline, ‘The Black Mirror’, in Detective Comics #871-881, which I would highly recommend, even if it does have a few flaws.

Wytches, a horror story, which seems to be Snyder’s thing when not doing Batman, works brilliantly with Jock’s artwork; realistic but easily dark and disturbing. I have not read many horror comics, Snyder’s previous horror story, the brilliant ‘Severed’ being one of the few exceptions. I’m hoping that this story follows the model of Severed; really good, likeable human characters who just happen to find themselves facing something truly evil. A promising start.

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