I’m a big fan of Warren Ellis. I’d say that Planetary is one of my top 3 comic books ever. One of the things I love about Planetary, as well as his recent short runs on Secret Avengers and Moon Knight, is his ability to tell a complete, stand-alone story, but one that contributes fantastically to a bigger story when read as one.

(I feel I should also mention Nextwave, which was written so that each story was two issues long. The result is probably the most laugh-out-loud comic I’ve ever read.)


Trees though, differs from this model more than anything of Ellis’s I’ve read in while. A sci-fi story with a heck of a mystery at its centre, it jumps between four main story-lines, each issue offering only a small part of the bigger picture. The book is on my mind as I have just read issues 5 & 6, but I feel that to look at it properly I will have to come back to it no sooner than at the end of the first arc, which I believe ends with issue 8. Still, I’d highly recommend the book, but I think it may be one were the story will work best in collected form, read in one sitting.

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