MY WEEK IN COMICS 17 December 2014

I tend to read more comics than I write about here, so I though I’d try quickly doing some short reviews of what I’m reading. Just one or two lines with a score at the end. Scores! Something I’ve so far avoided but I will now embrace!

First up, Sandman Overture #4


JH Williams III delivers another beautiful issue, but more so than previous issues, it has more unusual panel designs and page layouts make the story hard to follow at several points. Gaiman may be partially to blame this time though as, while his writing is as good as always, the story jumps through time and space (rather unclearly) a few times and it’s not always clear what’s happening. The thing is, like several books I read this week, this won’t be a problem when read in one sitting, once the story is complete.

Score: 4/5



Trees is a book I am rather enjoying but one that, like Sandman Overture, will be best enjoyed read in one sitting upon completion. This issue jumps a lot between multiple storylines and would make no sense to someone picking the book up for the first time. Nevertheless, as part of the bigger story it’s as good as all that’s come before. This makes it a little hard to score it. Should I be reviewing it on its strength as an issue or part of a whole? Hmm. I’ll be nice either way.

Score: 3.5/5



This is the best issue so far, I’d say. Horror comics are usually not my thing, (I’ll be honest, my primary reason for picking this book up was for Jock’s art) but much like Severed, one of writer Scott Snyder’s previous horror comics, this book is rather special.

Score: 4/5

Batman #37


Not a perfect month for Snyder though, as the new issue of Batman didn’t quite do it for me. There are a few problems here. Firstly, as with the last few issues, the story continues on from Batman Eternal, a different book. This makes sense as the last storyline in Batman was the year-long origin story, Year Zero. The problem is, like a lot of readers, I don’t read Batman Eternal so I have no idea why Alfred’s daughter is part of the gang or why Wayne Manor is now the new Arkham Asylum. Worst of all, last issue’s big twist regarding the Joker meant nothing as it requires knowledge of Batman Eternal. The big problem I had with this issue was that a whole section of the story that features Joe Chill and Crime Alley was incredibly hard to follow and required several reads. Not good when it’s supposed to be part of big twist. A big twist I’m not sure about. I wonder how this will play out.

Score: 3/5

Moon Knight #10


A rather interesting issue, which focuses on the villain of the piece, with Moon Knight/Marc Spektor only appearing in the last few pages. Although it can easily be read on its own and will make sense, the single, stand-alone issue structure followed at the start of the series is now behind us – this issue continues the story from last issue and ends on a cliffhanger.

Score: 4/5

Batgirl #37


This issue has caused a bit of controversy which resulted in a public apology from the creators. I can’t comment though, as I have not read the issue yet. I stuck it here mostly as a reminder that I have to read it for next time…

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