MY WEEK IN COMICS – 29/04/2015

All these darn crossovers make it feel like quite some time since I’ve had much to read…



After a delay which was long enough to cause me trouble remembering last issue, Batman 40, the concluding part of Endgame arrives. The big hero and villain team-up from last issue comes to nothing, the focus here being the final showdown between Batman and the Joker. Nothing is truly final in comics, but this certainly feels like the end of a chapter in Snyder’s run and things will be rather different going forward, at least in the short-term.

A good issue, but overall something about this storyline just hasn’t clicked for me, but I have to applaud Snyder for taking risks and trying new and interesting things. The next few issues should be interesting.




The Fade Out returns after a short break, picking up where it left off for the start of this second arc – a whole load of great Brubaker characters are tangled up behind the scenes of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and a murdered starlet may be the least of their worries. Brubaker and Phillips are one of the best teams in comics and The Fade Out is already looking like some of their best work.

The only complaint I have about The Fade Out is that, with its large cast, and continuing storyline it’s more serialised than some of their previous work, making it a little harder to jump into. This isn’t a second story, just Part Two of one big tale. As such, the issue was great, but I imagine it will work all the better in trade form. But then we’d miss all the wonderful little bonus articles that are only in the single issues!


…and just cause I read ’em, even although they’ve been around for ages…



Wolverine travels to Japan and tries to get over the loss of Mariko with the help of some mystical time-travel. This book looks beautiful which largely makes up for the writing, which isn’t bad, but not my cup of tea. The reason being, there are two many captions and thought bubbles. Writer and artist, George Pratt, should have let his fantastic paintings do more of the work.




Elektra gets hired for a job and fights some ninjas. Nothing more. It takes 4 issues when 4 pages would have done the job…

At least writer/artist, Scott Morse, draws a pretty picture, but still, this is way too long for what it is.


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