MY WEEK IN COMICS – 25/03/2015

Daredevil_Vol_4_14_Textless (1)


Issue 14 sees Matt embracing his new status-quo and adopting a new unmasked public persona. Matt tends to have a worse time of it than many of his contemporaries, and as we enter the final stages of Waid and Samnee’s run, we can be pretty confident of the fact that things are going to go downhill quickly. This is reflected in the story as Waid starts to bring together the last year’s worth of characters and storyline. As usual, another highly enjoyable issue, even if it feels largely like it’s mainly positioning the pieces for later.




This issue lacked a little something for me. Wrapping up the first arc of the series, the events following last issue’s ‘massive’ cliffhanger didn’t quite deliver. For once, it wasn’t the pacing issues, but rather a realisation that the characters have not quite connected with me yet, as evident by the lack of impact of the issue’s closing pages. I believe Templesmith is leaving the title now that this arc is done, and although the book has been good, but not great, I may not be coming back next issue as he was the main draw for me – but maybe DC have someone equally interesting lined up for the next issue.


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