The penultimate chapter of ‘Endgame’ is more straightforward than previous chapters, despite jumping around in time. Last issue’s cliffhanger is disappointingly dealt with rather quickly, but this is made up for with Snyder’s Joker, far darker and more violent than most other versions we have seen before, highlighted with a rather shocking piece of violence directed at a primary character. The only major issue I had with this issue was that a lot happens and as a result events such as the violent act of the Joker, which could have sustained a cliffhanger ending itself, are moved on from rather quickly.



Threads from the previous issues come together as we learn more about the supernatural threat attacking Gotham. My major problem with earlier issues raises its head again, with the book’s fast pace often resulting in a little confusion. Matters as not helped by the lack of any explaination regarding Corrigan and the Spectre. Maybe it’s coming, but it felt like writer Fawkes has assumed that his readers will have a certain amount of knowledge going into this title, which for me is not the case.



Another fun issue of Daredevil focusing on Kirsten McDuffie, Daredevil’s girlfriend and fellow lawyer, and their relationship. Matt Murdock worries about the fact that things tend not to end well for the women in his life and this brings up my main concern with Kirsten. I like her as a character, but as his exes tend to die, or in some cases just get dropped and vanish when new writers join the book, I find I am stopping myself getting attached to her as a character -especially as Waid and Samnee are nearing the end of their amazing run. Other than that, another great issue, focusing on the characters’ relationships as much as super heroics, which highlights, yet again, that Matt is one of the most interesting characters in comics, even when, as here, he is often a dick.




Moon Knight finishes its second arc by its second creative team. This issue reveals several characters’ real motives while changing the status quo going forward. The only downside (a theme this week) is that a lot happens. I’d have liked a slower pace and a few more issues with this team. I very much liked this issue and their whole run though, especially the development of Khonshu as a character. (Though a little less keen on the return of some of Spector’s other personalities, I preferred Ellis’s use of Moon Knight, Mr Knight and Khonshu and would rather not see things needlessly confused with the return of multiple personalities).


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