MY WEEK IN COMICS – 20/05/2015

WYTCHES #6Wytches_06-1

Wytches Issue 6 wraps the first arc of Snyder and Jock’s rather great horror comic. I personally wasn’t sure if this was to be the end of the Rooks family and their story, with a new tale for the next arc. Snyder makes it clear though that their story will continue into the second storyline.

Jock’s art, and the great colouring, bring the horror to life here, but it’s Snyder’s writing, rooted as much in the real world as it is with the monstrous Wytches that sell the comic. His character work here is great, he has stated that the book is inspired by his real fears and anxieties, and it’s these real and relatable human issues reflected in the characters, specifically Sailor and Charlie, that draw the reader in. We may only be six issues in, but if you are like me, you’ll be rooting for these characters more than you do for some of the better known super powered characters who have been around for decades.


DAREDEVIL #15.1Daredevil_Vol_4_15.1_Textless

One subplot that has been running through recent issues of Daredevil is that of Matt agreeing to produce his memoirs, ghost-written by Foggy. Daredevil 15.1 focuses on this, with Matt explaining some details of his past to Kristen. Bookended by series regulars, Waid and Samnee, the main story here is by Arrow-writer Marc Guggenheim with art from Peter Krause.

The story focuses on Matt’s first criminal case and the conflict this causes by, not only being a vigilante, but specifically being the man who caught the very criminal he now has to defend. As with the story, the art is fine, but perhaps being sandwiched between the Waid/Samnee bookends highlights that nether is at their level. (I can’t help but wonder if this is a trial run for them taking over, once Waid and Samnee leave in a few short months).

We end with another short tale from Daredevil’s past, this time written and drawn by regular artist, Samnee. It’s maybe a little too sincere, but as always it does look great. All-in-all not a bad issue but, for a book that looks at Matt reminiscing, it feels like a missed opportunity.


TREES #94572797-09

Trees returns after the end of its first arc, picking up several months later where… not much has happened. I really like this book but, nine issues in, it still feels like the book is all set up and I don’t know where it’s going.


INJECTION #1tumblr_njxcllA3Ry1u5shugo1_r1_1280

Ellis reunites with his Moon Knight artist, Declan Shalvey, for this new series. Largely all set up, this issue introduces us to a cast of interesting and typically Ellis-esque characters, in two different time periods, as well as a lot of terms, locations, places, and events that are yet not expanded upon.

I liked the issue but, by the end, so little had been explained that, being honest, I’m not sure I know what the book is actually about, which seems like a flaw for a first issue. One character complains about the use of acronyms and I have to agree – we are bombarded with lots of them and combined with the general all-round vagueness, it’s a little annoying. Maybe I’m just used to Ellis’s excellent done-in-one issues on books like Planetary and Moon Knight. I’ll be back next issue as Ellis is as good as always and Shalvey’s work is ace, but hopefully we’ll get a few more answers and a greater sense of what’s going on.


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