So Marvel have spent the last few months in events mode doing Crisis on Infinite Secret Wars or whatever, and not really publishing any books. This appears to be ending now, but rather than doing what DC did with the New 52 and releasing their new books over a month or so, Marvel seem to be spreading them out over months. Seems a bit messy to me and not quite the fresh start that I, as a more casual fan, had hoped for. But I was happy to see that one of my favourite action titles of the last few years, Moon Knight, is returning, and it’s bringing a rather promising creative team with it.


Jeff Lemire, writer of a rather good Green Arrow run a year or two back, is joined by artist Greg Smallwood, whose art I liked when he did a half dozen issues of Moon Knight a while ago. It looks like he might be trying for a little Bill Sienkiewicz magic by trying something new with his art; it was on Moon Knight, many moons ago, that Sienkiewicz began to evolve from a good artist to a great one.


I’ll be picking this up when it ships early next year, starting with a story that features Marc Spector, AKA Moon Knight, in an asylum.


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