It’s the end of an era as Mark Waid wraps up his Daredevil run, one which it turns out is the longest by any single writer. The book has been constantly good for years, with one great creative team after another taking the reins. Perhaps because he gives resolution to some story threads that have been around for years, I feel that this is the end of a lot that has come before. If Daredevil were to end here, it would be a pretty great ending for the character and the title. It actually makes me a little nervous about what comes next.

This issue is split into two clear halves; first Matt has to rescue his friends from Wilson Fisk and face him (yet again!) in the final battle. Once this is over, we have the resolution of not only the issue, but the whole run. A lot’s wrapped up, some of it possibly a little too neatly. At first, I almost had an issue with this, but then I thought about not just Waid’s more upbeat run, but also Daredevil as a whole, and I realised that perhaps Matt and the readers deserve a happy ending for once. This works for me as the issue feels like the conclusion to more than a decade’s worth of stories. (This may have been the intent, as although we are not getting a New 52 style reboot, it does seem to me that the current events at Marvel have the goal of rebooting/reinvigorating their fictional universe).

The next creative team may bring us back to the dark and gritty Daredevil we also know and love, but I have most certainly loved Waid and Samnee’s lighter, more upbeat take on the character – this issue is a four-star ending to a five-star run.

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