Another fun issue, one that flows a lot better than the previous issue, thanks to having gotten the general set-up and exposition of the new status-quo out of the way.

Essentially another stand-alone issue, the writing’s fun and like the previous issue, it moves along quickly. The fast pace works fine, with the supporting cast expanding further. We get three new characters (excluding our villains), who are all interesting and stand out from the crowd, even with a relatively small page count. I have to point out though, that with the last issue, Barbara appears pretty sloppy at keeping her identity secret.

Babs Tarr’s art is still great and it really nails the fun vibe. I particularly liked the scene where Batgirl moves through a childhood memory while trying to remember how to defeat the enemies of the piece. (Though I have to point out the nice two-page sequence ends with her forming a really obvious plan that she should have come up with in a panel. Oh well, at least it looks cool.)

So if you’re like me and had never read a Batgirl book until recently I’d say you’ll still enjoy this even without a great knowledge of the character and that the book’s well worth checking out, especially if you fancy a superhero comic that isn’t dark and gritty.

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