As previously mentioned, until I read Batgirl: Year One last week I’d never read any of Batgirl’s solo adventures. With all the buzz around the upcoming Bat-books from DC (They all look interesting) I thought I’d give this a shot. The only DC book I pick up is Scott Snyder’s Batman, which is mostly great. Mostly. I might have a quick moan about it later.

So knowing little more than the basics, I have to say I rather enjoyed this. It was fun, fast-paced, full of interesting supporting characters and, most importantly for a comic, it looked good. Barbara was cool and the complaints that I noticed online (she got drunk and partied too hard! She was all over some strange guy!) were some of the things I liked most because it actually felt like I was reading about a young woman who just happened to be a costumed vigilante. Sometimes it’s nice to have a lead who is not a grumpy man moping about in a cave.

The issue did have a few (minor) flaws; lots of hash tags, a plan to beat the villain that came from nowhere with no apparent planning and a few references to earlier issues that meant that it wasn’t quite the clean break from previous stories that I hoped it might be. But then, if I’d been reading earlier issues and they were completely ignored that would have probably annoyed me – so I suppose they did a good job pleasing old and new readers. The only other issue was that Barbara seemed as carefree with her identity as Daredevil is with his; setting up a sting using her real identity then turning up as Batgirl? With all that red hair flowing I don’t imagine it would be hard for even the dumbest villain to figure out who she is. I suppose it should come as no surprise that the issue ends with the reveal that someone does in fact know her identity.

But all-in-all I liked it. And the new costume is cool.

Batgirl prototype

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